Special Needle Hair Comb

$23.95 $30.30
Pet Dog Hair Special Needle Comb
Say goodbye to fur tangles and let your little furball have the softest waves everyone would want to pet with our Pet Dog Hair Special Needle Comb!

  • Super Convenient Button Design, the hair is formed into one piece with a light touch, eliminating the trouble of removing the hair, making cleaning the hair more convenient.
  • The Pet grooming comb is slightly curved, designed to go deep under the pet's fur for cleaning. The massage particles will not scratch the pet's skin, giving your pet a fun and pleasant grooming experience.

  • Easy to use - Works as a regular brush but with dual function.
  • Premium quality - Guaranteed to be very durable and high quality as it is made with premium materials.
  • Durable and Beautiful Appearance: high-quality PP material, comfortable linear grip design, durable, and not easy to get dirty. Advanced color design, experience a better level of life.
  • Wider Scope of Application: This pet brush is smaller than the one on the market, more suitable for cats and small dogs, and can be operated better. Of course, it is also very good for large dogs.
  • Quality Assurance: Each product is produced by the factory through dozens of processes, and undergoes strict inspection to ensure that each product is a qualified high-quality product. If you have any questions in the process of using the product, you can contact us, we will provide you with the most professional answer.

    Our brush grooms and massages for a healthy coat, increasing blood circulation and leaves your pet’s coat soft and shiny. 

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