LIBER™ Cat Self-Grooming Brush

LIBER Cat Self-Grooming Brush

If you own a cat, you're probably used to find hair in your home everywhere, to avoid this self-grooming brush is the best option to the cleanliness without a helping hand.   The self-grooming brush will help to keep your cat's hair healthy and shiny.

  • This self-grooming brush is easy to install on the corner of the wall, table's leg, and kitchen cabinet.
  • It is made out of a soft plastic bristle ensuring the gentle massage and preventing your cat from fur removal and getting scratches.
  • It plays the role of rubbing objects for your cat to feel comfortable which is designed according to the cat's lifestyle. 

  • Due to the busy schedule, you cannot take care of your cat's grooming, with the help of this brush cats can groom themselves easily.
  • A regular grooming routine can prevent your cats from occurring any tangles and you don't have to deal with it anymore.
  • Brushing your cat will be part of the regular care routine, you will see less shedding and your cat's coat will look healthier too.



Material: Plastic
Black, Blue, Pink, Green, and Grey
Height-12.7cm and Width-8.5cm.

Cats love spending most of the time grooming themselves so, they'll definitely love it.


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