LEROY™ Animal Waste Picker


 LEROY Animal Waste Picker

 Dog poop is not only messy and stinky but also a headache to clean. This durable LEROY Animal Waste Picker is a great barrier for pet owners who might be squeamish about getting too close to their dog’s doo-doo.

  • This waste picker is made of TPE + ABS plastic material that holds a roll of standard-size waste bags which securely collect waste.
  • Simply covers scoop jaws with a plastic bag to avoid the sensation of picking up the waste.
  • The expandable side of this poop picker is great for picking up waste of all shapes and sizes from all surfaces.

  • Its portable, cute and attractive design is suitable for dog walks, travelling, or camping with your pet.
  • The height and function design are ideal for cleaning pet waste and can be easily attached to leashes, strollers, and belts with included clips.



  • Material: TPE + ABS
  • Colour: Black Yellow, Black Blue, Dark Khaki, Light Grey, Light Green, Light Yellow, Green, and Purple.

 Dog waste goes straight in the waste bag!


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