FREDAN Round Pet Bed

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FREDAN Round Pet Bed
Dogs, similar to humans need to have a comfortable and safe bed, if you want your pup to get satisfying sleep and no longer want to curl up in your bed or on the couch then this FREDAN Round pet bed is perfect for you!

  • This FREDAN round pet bed is made of high-quality plush material which provides warmth and comfort.
  • The raised edge allows pets to curl up and are surrounded by plush to create a sense of security it also provides head and neck support, while the super-soft padding offers joint and muscle pain relief.
  • Its Anti-slip and dirt-resistant bottom makes it comfortable for the living room, family room, and anywhere.

  • Ideal for cats, small breeds, and large breed dogs it is surrounded by love and warmth, providing a calming space, which relieves anxiety.
  • Our FREDAN pet bed is very easy to clean no zippers to fuss with, just toss the entire bed into the machine on a gentle cycle.


  • Material: Coral wool
  • Color: Colorful, Brown, Dark Gray, Green, Pink, Light Gray, and Light Coffee. 
  • Size: 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, and 100cm.
Best Accessory To Give Your Pet Plenty of Lovely and Comfortable Sleep!


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