Edie Hair Removal Comb for Dogs & Cats


Edie Hair Removal Comb for Dogs & Cats

A multifunctional pet grooming brush for your furry friend which not only combs their hair but also massages and grooms them. It is the best gift for pets because it is good for promoting pet's blood circulation and metabolism to keep them fit.

  • Our Pet Grooming Brush is made of good quality ABS material, solid, durable and wear-resistant. The pet comb tool is suitable for all different dogs and cats with short or long hair.
  • Regular brushing can help distribute the natural oils from your dog's coat which makes their skin healthy and shiny coat. It cleans off all mats and tangles and also removes fleas and lice.
  • This de-shedding comb can clear a coat of any mats and tangles with ease as well as offers nice grooming for your pets. This will reduce the loss of your pet's fur by about 116%.

  • Our Slicker Brush is specially designed with a comfortable grip and anti-slip handle, which prevents hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your pet!
  • For a professional touch, it comes with two types of pins. Large pins are ideal for tackling tangles, knots, and thick fur, while fine pins are best for thin coats.
  • The stainless steel teeth of this brush are strong and sharp to last for years and are available in two sizes for your pets. 


  • Material: Plastic (ABS)
  • Colour: Blue, Pink 
  • Small Size: Length 17cm x Width 6.5cm x High 2.7 cm (11 cutter head)
  • Large Size: Length 17cm x Width 9cm x High 2.7 cm (17 cutter head)

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 Product You Must Buy To Make Grooming Your Pet 


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