Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

Let your dog present a new look with our Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

  • The comfortable, wide chest girth will make the Cowboy Rider Dog Costume even more comfortable for your pet and will prevent the cowboy costume from falling.
  • This dog costume is easy to clean. The washable design will make it very convenient for you. Just wash it with warm water and soap. Its fabric is breathable so it will dry quickly.

  • Made of soft cotton and polyester fibre, this fun dog costume will make your dog feel comfortable all day.
  • This cowboy dog costume can be worn all year round. It will keep your furry friend warm during the autumn and winter months and protect it from the morning chill in spring.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
Features: Soft and Breathable

Material: Cotton

🤠An unique Cowboy Rider Dog Costume makes your dog unique🐶

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