BLAZ™ Cat Muzzle

BLAZ Cat Muzzle

The BLAZ Cat Muzzle will help you to keep your cat calm while doing the activities your cat doesn't like. This is the best way to stop your cat's biting problem and trains them easily.

  • The cat muzzle will help your cat calm down while clipping nails, hair cutting, showering, and vaccinating.
  • The muzzle is made up of high-quality nylon material. It has a breathable lining that will help your cat breathe properly.
  • The cat muzzle is easy to wash you can wash it directly in the machine.


  • This muzzle will prevent your cat from biting. it will be helpful for you as your cat can be trained easily with this muzzle.
  • It has a hole on the front of the mask which will keep your cat comfortable enough to breathe.
  • This cat muzzle is easy to put on and put off, you just have to hook and loop.


Material: Nylon
Size: XS, S
Colour: Pink, Blue

Deal with the problem easily without hurting your cat with the BLAZ Cat Muzzle.


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