ALAN™ Hamster Wood Pipe


ALAN Hamster Wood Pipe

Hamsters are used to a certain way of life, but that gets changed when they move into a human's home so getting a range of toys will make sure your furry friend can do all of the things they are naturally made to do - such as climbing, chewing, and burrowing. This hamster toy will provide them with all of this.
  • This toy is made up of natural wood material which will help your hamster's natural instincts.
  • It will provide your hamster with a safe environment to play and they can have regular exercise and will increase their activity level.
  • The toy will keep your pet busy for hours and keep them engaged in something that will relieve their boredom.
  • With the help of this toy, the pet can grind their teeth which allows your pet a little comfortable moment, and lets them enjoy.
  • The natural wood will draw your pet's attention a little more and they will play with it more and more.
  • It has several holes drilled into the central tunnel in which your small pets will have hours of fun exploring all the ways in and out of the tube.
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Brown

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Keep your curious critter entertained with our ALAN Hamster Wood Pipe toys


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