TRUDY™ Rodent Training Tunnel

TRUDY Rodent Training Tunnel

This tunnel toy is the best training toy for your hamster and is suitable for all small pets and can also be a great exercise tunnel that will keep your pet healthy and fit so you don't need to worry about their health anymore. 

  • The tunnel toy can be a fun place to play, climb, rest, and relieves boredom.
  • The hamster tube expands the space according to the cage, so it provides more space and fun for the hamster to move.
  • It is made of high-quality plastic material and has high strength and strong durability.
  • The tunnel tube is easy to use it has a convenient ring fixing design, which can be easily connected manually without any tools, and can also be separated freely.
  • With this toy, curious pets will be attracted to interesting tunnels, which will enhance their ability to climb and explore. Satisfy your pet's natural instincts.

  • It is environmentally friendly, will never cause any harm to the pet's body, and also can resist pet bites.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Multicolour, Light Blue, Transparent, Pink, Blue
  • Size: As Shown

This tunnel toy will keep your hamster happily healthy with regular exercise.


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