EDME™ Pet Muzzle | Dog Mouth Mask


 EDME Pet Muzzle | Dog Mouth Mask

It is natural for the dogs to become aggressive, and some of the breeds are known for it, that's why it is the most obvious reason for such dogs/breeds to wear the muzzle and if your dog has bitten another dog or a person in the past to prevent this risk the EDME Pet Muzzle Dog Mouth Mask can be the best for safety.

  • Our dog muzzle Mouth Mask is made of breathable soft mesh material which makes the dog feel more comfortable and breathable.
  • Its Velcro design and adjustable strap allow you to adjust the size according to the shape of the dog’s mouth and make the dog muzzle more fit and compatible.
  • The anti-slipped feature of this muzzle helps the dog to keep the muzzle securely in place and ensure a snug fit.

  • This dog muzzle provides enough space for your dog’s mouth to breathe and drink when your dog wearing a muzzle.
  • It is an effective way to prevent dogs from biting, barking, unwanted chewing, and other bad habits.


  • Material: Breathable Soft Mesh
  • Size: XS / S / M / L / XL 
  • Color: Gray and Rose
 Feel Relaxed Around Your Dog With This EDME Pet Muzzle | Dog Mouth Mask!


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