DARIO Catnip Toys | for Cat Playing

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 DARIO Catnip Toys | for Cat Playing

Catnip toys are a great option if you have a furry pet who isn’t overly interested in regular toys. This catnip is designed to enrich your kitty’s life, offering plenty of mental and physical stimulation to ward off boredom and keep them entertained. You can also use it as a reward for good behavior.

  • This Catnip toy is made of premium, durable and non-toxic material, which gives better protection to your cats when chewing.
  • This adorable toy gently cleans soft plaque and tartar off your kitty's teeth during playing and the breathable fabric allows your cats to smell catnip easily. 
  • It is stuffed with soft PP cotton and natural catnip, making your cats more interested in playing with these toys.
  • The lightweight and double-stitched quality of the catnip help them last for longer and keep your cats active and healthy.

  • Catnip is a known stimulant that activates most cats when sniffed. Fun to bat, chase, fetch, and bunny kick, these catnip-filled cat toys are a fan favorite for all types of play sessions. It is the perfect toy for daily bite training, teeth grinding, having fun, etc.
  • This catnip toy helps to reduce your pet's boredom and anxiety by keeping them busy.
  •  It is a great gift for your lovely pet to play and fetch both outdoors and indoors.


  • Material: Cotton, Linen, Catnip
  • Size: length 15cm (inch)
  • Color: Pink, Gray, Red, Black, Orange

 Just the right toy for the cat who loves throwing things around!


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