Petstemptation is made possible through a collaboration of our staff, advisors, suppliers, and partners.

We didn’t compromise on the important stuff: fit, function, comfort, and quality. We design and finish each piece with the utmost care.

Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of pets worldwide...

Pets are our best friends, loyal companions for life.

Always positive, they never let us down, loving unconditionally, improving our mood and wellbeing daily.

Our pets can’t say how they feel, but they can show it.

Barking, pacing, shivering, cowering, destroying furniture or gardens, not eating, excessive licking, chewing or being forever restless.

Trusted by thousands of Pawrents and their pets globally...

All-natural, non-toxic, easy to clean and ultra comfy range of pet products.

Made for a happier, healthier life...

Your mood and mental health matters too...

Reduce stress, worry and fatigue, live a happier, healthier life with your best-friend.


Petstemptation Team