ZAYN™ Dog Training Ring


ZAYN Dog Training Ring

An ultimate tool to train your dogs and play with them. Great for their development, and it also helps in training their reaction skills and intelligence. ZYAN rings can meet the instinctive needs of dogs and enhance the connection between dogs and their owners.

  • This fitness ring is a nice outdoor and indoor interactive dog tug toy that is suitable for throwing & catches fetching games, tug of war, and teething chew. 
  • It is made of high-quality non-toxic EVA material. It could be twisted 360° without deformation and will not harm the dog’s teeth.
  • Due to its lightweight, you can easily carry out this floating toy to beaches or swimming pools to play with your pets.

  • It helps to reduce separation anxiety, boredom, and destructive behaviour by keeping their little mouths busy and satisfied.
  • The anti-slip bump texture allows them easy to connect with it and effectively helps in grinding and cleaning the teeth of your dogs.
  • You can train your pet to jump and run which keeps your dog healthy and active. It is good for their health and feet using time.
  • Develop the play skills of your dog with this durable ring which could be used for a long time.


  • Material: EVA (Rubber) material.
  • Weight: About 60g
  • Color: Orange, Red, Green
  • Size: Ring 18cm & Disc 15cm.

Give it a try to enhance your interactions and develop a tacit understanding with your dog.


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