Squeak™ Octopus toy for Dog

Squeak Octopus Toy For Dog
These squeak dog toys are soft and lightweight, great for tug and fetch, and easy for pets to carry, toss and roll around with.

  • This Squeak Octopus toy for Dogs with bright colors is an adorable character that will attract your dog's interest and keep them entertained.
  • These funny Squeak Octopus toys for Dogs with hard-to-resist crinkle paper sounds will be great toys to interact with your dog, help to get more exercise, and reduce anxiety and boredom.
  • This octopus plush dog toy has a screaming sound on the head and 8 legs wrinkled paper sound on the tail, squeaker that creates fun sounds during chewing, making chewing more exciting for dogs.

  • Great for attracting your dog's attention and they can enjoy a long-lasting game, keep them busy and stay away from boring.

  • Surface octopus uses 2-layer durable material, more durable than plain fabric plush toy.


Colour: Blue Purple and Orange green
Features: Soundable

Play is not just great physical and mental exercise, but is also proven to strengthen your bond with your best friend. 🐶 

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