OYSTEN™ Cat Toys Interactive Ball


OYSTEN Cat Toys Interactive Ball

The smart interactive cat toy is an excellent toy to keep your cat engaged and entertained for hours. It also creates a fun and playful environment which is important for the development of your cat.

  • This cat toy comes in two materials using high-quality and durable wool and EVA through which cats are more attracted.
  • You can add catnip to the ball which will make your cat excited and happy, your cat will love chasing and hitting the ball.
  • The balls are in three colors pink, yellow, and blue. All three ball makes simulates the sounds of all different animals.  Pink- Bird, Blue- Frog, and Yellow- cricket.
  • When the kitten touches the ball toy it makes the animal sound which attracts your cat. perfect toy to play with your cat and have fun.
  • The cat toy ball is built-in high sensitivity probs. when the cat's paw slightly touches the ball, it'll make the sound.
  • Each toy has a built-in LR44 Lithium battery cell and a high-sensitivity sounder. It can trigger about 10000 sounds. 
Toys Type: Squeak Toys
Material: Wool and EVA
Size: 50mm (1.97in)

This smart toy keeps your cat alert, energetic, and entertained all day.

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