BONNIE™Pet Jumpsuit

BONNIE Pet Jumpsuit

There's no reason why your pet can't be fashionable, so let your pup be trendy while on your daily walks around the park. while other dogs prefer simplicity so let your pup go from shaggy to fashionable.


  • Our pet is just like our family member so, we need to take care of them. The jumpsuit will prevent them from getting cold or if they have any skin condition.
  • The jumpsuit is soft, breathable, and is best for autumn and winter, it will resist the attack of cold wind and keep your pet warm while on the walk.
  • This jumpsuit is made of high-quality cotton material which is soft, durable, comfortable, and easy to walk.


  • This pet jumpsuit is easy to put on and put off you don't need to struggle while putting it on your pet or while taking it off.
  • The jumpsuit is suitable for everyday wear which will prevent the shedding excess dog hairs all over the house.




Material: Cotton
Colour: Doughnut, Banana, Duck
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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This cute and lovely jumpsuit will make your pet more attractive and looks really adorable.


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