Pet Grooming Scrubber Brush


Pet Grooming Scrubber Brush

This Pet Grooming Scrubber Brush can bring good interaction for you and your pet to massage their skin, remove the dust, and loose and shed their hair.

  • Just squeeze slightly and the shampoo can easily come out, which is pretty convenient and save more pet shampoo.
  • Designed with soft silicone bristles that will gently massage your pet and leave them with a clean coat


  • Designed with soft silicone bristles that will gently massage your pet and leave them with a clean coat
  • The brush will effectively clean the skin, carefully removing impurities and exfoliating dead skin particles.
  • The special non-slip hand grip design of this dog cat shower hair removal comb offers you a comfortable grasp when taking a shower for your dog. 


  •  A hang hole design allows the multi-functional dog grooming brush to easily pour out the excess water and show gel to avoid the soap leak out.
  • These silicone body scrubbers are fast to dry and clean and also with a hang hole design for easy hanging and comfortable grip when using.


Material: Soft silicone brush
Colour: Blue, Pink, Yellow
Capacity: 80ml

This Pet Grooming Scrubber Brush can give your pet a very comfortable bath experience.

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