MILO Poop Bags Dispenser


 MILO Poop Bags Dispenser

 Picking up poop is a smelly job and you can't clean up your dog's poop easily, especially when he goes out. This MILO Poop Bags Dispenser will be very suitable for you. Its shell is bone-shaped and very cute. You can put garbage bags inside this dispenser so that you can collect the dog's feces at any time.

  • This pet waste poop bag is made of PE material and environmentally friendly material which is perfect for daily use.
  • These dog poo bags are thicker and stronger enough to hold more feces, and other garbage and also ensure you keep your hands clean and tie them securely.
  • With the help of the dispenser hook, you can easily pin it to your waist and release your hands to do other things.

  • Its smooth detailed design and 100% leak-proof property allow it easy to open and tear from the roll quickly.
  •  This poo bag roll can fit nicely into a pocket or any standard-sized poop bag dispenser when you are walking the dog at home or outside.


  • Material: Plastic 
  • Garbage bag size: 22 x ​​31cm (length x width)
  • Bone size: 5 x 8cm (length x width)
 This MILO Poop Bags Dispenser makes your unpleasant job easy with no mess! 


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