GRIFFIN™ Automatic Extending Dog Leash

GRIFFIN Automatic Extending Dog Leash

GRIFFIN Automatic Extending Dog Leash has retractable leashes with a tangle-free design that prevents tethering, and breakage and provides a level of freedom they deserve and do what they like. It also improves your and your dog’s safety as the risk of interlacing is minimal.
  • This leash is a great tool for training pooches, especially in the earlier stages where they are still learning to listen and respond to your calls and commands.
  • GRIFFIN Automatic Extending Dog Leash is long and easy to use.
    1. Push the button for the instant slip-free lock to stop your dog.
    2. Push the catch forward releasing the lock and the lead will retract.
  •  This high-quality GRIFFIN Automatic Extending Dog Leash with a lock and hold button, allows you to decide the length of lead retracted out.
  • Its brake system prevents you from tugging the leash while the lock button lets you set its length.
  • The recoil control system reduces strain on your hand and absorbs the impact when the dog pulls the strap too hard.
  • The dog lead handle is made of rubber for extra grip and comfort, it is bright in colour for visibility that attaches to your dog's collar or harness and the handle has reflective sides to aid visibility in the dark.

Material: Nylon and plastic
Size: 10ft/16ft
Colour:  Orange/Green

The GRIFFIN Automatic Extending Dog Leash gives your pooch enough freedom to explore its surroundings without you losing them.


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