Pets STYPTIC™ Stop Bleeding Powder


 Pets STYPTIC Stop Bleeding Powder

At-home dog grooming involves a lot of tasks. Clipping your dog's nails is one of the most dreaded grooming tasks for many pet owners because everyone's afraid of cutting the quick, which is why the best dog styptic powder is essential in every groomer's toolkit.

  • The healing remedy of this styptic powder is designed to prevent a large amount of blood from flowing out and relieve the pain.
  • This styptic powder has no side effects and it is safe and convenient to use for your pet.  

  • When your pet's nail quick is bleeding, just apply a small amount of pet styptic powder directly on the injured part of the pet and the blood will quickly stop flowing. 
  • It is the best treatment for your pets and also useful for the pet beauty shop, pet hospital, family, and breeding base.


  • Material: Bentonite, Diatomite, Ammonium Chloride 
  • Size: 50cm / 19.69 "
  • Weight: 14g 

  Ensures your pup's safety!


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