DORIS™Hamster Drinker Water Bottle

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 DORIS Hamster Drinker Water Bottle

 We all know how important water is to maintaining a healthy body, and the same is true when it comes to the health of your furry friends. This DORIS Hamster Drinker Water Bottle has a unique design that attempts to be it all as a water bottle, food container, and hiding place for your hamster. 

  • This Hamster Drinker Water Bottle is made of Eco board, premium plastic, and non-toxic quality material which is pet safe and easy to use.
  • Its 2 in 1 design allows you to use this Hamster Drinker Water Bottle as a hamster food dispenser and drinker or as a resting place.
  • The rolling ball design and easy-open top make the filling bottle simple as well as the water will not flow out until the pet licks the rolling ball.

  • Its stable and firm support won't shake the bottle and also helps you to keep your home clean and tidy without an unpleasant smell.
  • The small, durable, and long-lasting quality of this bottle can be fixed in a cage easily and It also won't take up much space.


  • Material: Wooden Plastic Board
  • Size: 13 x 7 x 13cm
  • Capacity: 80ml
  • Color: Pink, Blue, Green

 Get this great gift to keep your hamster healthy and hydrated properly!


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