JEFF™ Pet Winter Plush

$51.95 $59.92
JEFF Pet Winter Plush

This JEFF Pet Winter Plush is the best plush for your small pets which will give them a safe place to stay, sleep and play. The plush can also be a great gift for your hamster, for all hamster lovers, or for those who have small pets.
  • The fabric of the JEFF Pet Winter Plush ensures that your pet is comfortable in it while playing or sleeping.
  • This precious pet net provides your small fluff with a safe and secure place to hide.
  • The design of the plush is made in such a way that it matches your hamster's natural instincts and keeps them warm, cozy, and comfortable all day.
  • The JEFF Pet Winter Plush is the best gift for your hamster and a great bed for all pet lovers.
  • Colour: Brown
  • Size: S, L
  • Material: Diamond fleece

Keep your hamster comfy and warm with our JEFF Pet Winter Plush and make them happy.


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