IRENE™ Guinea Pig Hamster Bed

$10.95 $16.32

IRENE Guinea Pig Hamster Bed

Isn't it a great idea, to travel with your pet? This will make your travelling memorable for life, but if it's a smaller pet it gets harder to handle them. The IRENE Guinea Pig Hamster Bed will allow you to travel with all your small pets and keep them safe and warm.

  • This hamster bed is soft, comfortable, and warm. It is suitable for all small pets. 
  • The pet bed also has a soft cushion, which you can remove and insert which will keep the bed clean.
  • The pet bed is portable you can keep it with you while travelling in a car or wherever you go.

  • It has an anti-slip design which will prevent the bed from moving while the hamster is playing in it.
  • This hamster bed provides a great hideout place for your pet which allowed them to feel safe and secure.
  • This bed is lightweight and will give your pet an amazing sleep.


Material: Cotton
Colour: Yellow, Grey, and Pink
Size: As shown

IRENE Guinea Pig Hamster Bed will make your pet feel comfortable and safe all by itself.


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