ALVIS Pet Sleeping Mat And Blanket

$23.95 $34.78

ALVIS Pet Sleeping Mat And Blanket

If you want your dogs to lead active and happy lives without compromising cleanliness and if it is prone to getting dirty pretty fast then this ALVIS Pet Sleeping Mat is the best barrier for dirt and wetness and will also provide comfort.

  • The ALVIS Mat is made up of Fleece + polyester which provides warmth, comfort, and durability. The material also can withstand light scratches or bites.
  • The high-quality dense foam of this mat supports your pets properly and always keeps the pad in good shape everywhere - in your room, in vehicles, in crates, etc.|

  • The Non-slip bottom of the mat is suitable for long indoor and outdoor activities.
  • The ALVIS Pet Sleeping Mat can be machine washed on a gentle cycle or hand washed and tumble dry. Convenient and lightweight for you to take on your travels.


  • Type: Blue Star, Pink Star, Bone, and Fish.
  • Size: S/M/X/XL

 If You Want To Keep Your House Clean While Providing Comfort To Your Pet Then This ALVIS Pet Sleeping Mat Is Perfect For You!


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